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Thank you for your interest in the Walk Tall Honors Program at College of Saint Mary. The Walk Tall Honors Program provides an opportunity for academically successful undergraduate students to form a supportive community while exploring issues and gaining experiences that will expand their understanding of a variety of academic, artistic, civil, ideological, scientific, social, psychological and cultural topics or issues.

If accepted into the Walk Tall Honors Program, I understand I must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA greater than 3.5
  • Attend 4 of 5 Walk Tall Honors Program activities each semester in which I participate (one of which must be the Breakfast) and complete corresponding coursework as outlined by Walk Tall Program Faculty

To graduate with a Walk Tall Honors Program certificate at graduation, I understand that in addition to the requirements above, I must meet the Walk Tall Honors Program requirements at least four of my undergraduate semesters at College of Saint Mary as outlined by the program guidelines.

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Proctored Essay

After submitting this form, there is one final step necessary to complete your application. This step does not need to be completed before submitting this form, but must be taken care of before your application will be considered complete.

You are required to complete an essay, proctored either at a College of Saint Mary Enrollment event or (if you cannot attend a College of Saint Mary Enrollment event) by a college or high school faculty or staff member.

If you are not completing the essay at CSM at an official Enrollment event, please provide here the following information about your proctor:

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Thank you for your interest in the Walk Tall Honors Program! The Enrollment Counselor with whom you are working will send more information about the essay to your Proctor, who will administer the essay and submit it to CSM. If you have any questions, please contact