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The goal of the College of Saint Mary Speech Team is to build a rich and successful tradition of speaking excellence by producing confident, clear, ethical, and accomplished speakers. We compete at several tournaments hosted by area colleges each semester. Team members are expected to compete in two different events, and at least 4 tournaments per semester. Your participation on the team will also earn you one hour of college credit per semester

Deadline For Applications: June 30, 2015


All participants on the speech team will earn an award commensurate with the number of years they have participated on the CSM Speech Team. First year participants will earn $1000; second-year participants will earn $2000; and third-year participants will earn $3000. Participants who compete a fourth year on the team will earn a $4000 award.

Expectations for award recipients are as follows:

  • Register for COM 140 Intercollegiate Forensics each semester (1 credit hour).
  • Compete in four (4) regular-season tournaments (two weekends) per semester.
  • Compete in the NIFA tournament in the spring semester.
  • Compete in at least two events each tournament.
  • Attend ALL weekly practices in their entirety on the designated evening unless excused in advance by the coach.
  • Work on their events outside the weekly team meeting.
  • Continuation of award from Semester 1 to Semester 2 and year to year is contingent upon successfully meeting these expectations and maintaining a 2.5 GPA

Criteria for Selection:

  • Completed application (see top right of this page).
  • Cumulative high school or college GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Reference from current or former speech coach or instructor.
  • Preference will be given to students with high school competitive speech experience.

pdf View A Sample Tournament Schedule

For more information please contact SpeechAwards@csm.edu