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AQIP Action Project Suggestion Form

The purpose of this form is to provide an easy method for submitting suggestions for AQIP action projects. AQIP action projects are generally characterized by the following:

  • Help CSM learn and change while accomplishing something significant
  • Embody challenging but doable goals
  • Focus on efficiency and benefits to our students and other stakeholders
  • Temporary with a beginning and an end
  • Cross departmental lines
  • Worked on by a team of staff, faculty and students

To learn more about AQIP action projects, please see

Departments & Groups That Would Be Involved With Or Impacted By Suggestion
Accounting Campus Store Food Services Marketing & P.R.
Achievement Center Copy Center Graduate Students President's Office
Admissions CTL (Trans. Lrng.) Grounds Keeping Registrar
Advancement Custodial Human Resources Residence Life
Alumnae Enrollment Information Center Security
Athletics Express Center Institutional Technology Student Development
Board of Directors Faculty Library Student Organizations
Board of Directors Financial Aid Lincoln Campus Undergraduate Students
Campus Ministry Financial Services Maintenance
Personal Information & Suggestion Details
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Relationship to CSM
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