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DASP Science Labs Manager 402-399-2610
Mission Integration Director Campus Ministry 402-399-6279
Academic and Student Affairs Program Director for Sexual Violence Prevention 402-399-2455
Nassiba Adjerid, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology 402-399-2376
Kimberly Allen, Ph.D. VP of Academic & Student Affairs 402-399-2334
April Allen Head Competitive Dance Coach 402-399-2371
Heather Ashley, B.A. Secretary for Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies 402-399-2469
Sarah Backman Staff Accountant 402-399-2313
Mary Barber Administrative Assistant 402-399-2694
Mindy Barna, EdD Associate Dean of Health Professions 402-399-2377
Gregory Beninato Director of Safety & Security 402-399-2319
Brittney Bostic, PA-C Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 402-399-2655
Lori Boyle Residence Life Area Coordinator 402-399-2494
Carolyn Bray, B.A. Head Softball Coach & Sports Information Director 402-399-6287
Molly Brost, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English 402-399-2623
Kendra Bryant Program Clinical Coordinator, Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-399-2453
Bridgette Bunjer, B.B.A Administrative Assistant, Athletic Department 402-399-2359
Amy Burggraff, OTD Instructor of OT 402-399-6210
Larissa Buster, M.S.E Director of Residence Life 402-399-2674
Terri Campbell VP of Alumni & Donor Relations 402-399-2419
Campus Life 402-399-2320
Campus Ministry 402-399-2389
Campus Store 402-399-2462
Jessica Carr Clinical Recruiter, PAS Program 402-399-2301
Sarah Carse, BBL; MOL Administrative Assistant Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-3992436
Gizelle Chandran, M.A. Associate Controller 402-399-2434
Jing Chang, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics 402-399-2613
Nicole Chipy, OTD OT Faculty 402-399-6209
Anthony Cole Registrar 402-399-2442
Copy Center 402-399-2473
Ellie Cusic Occupational Therapy Faculty 402-399-5293
Kristofer Czerwiec, M.A. Assistant Dean of Student Life 402-399-2309
Cristy Daniel, Ed.D. Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2641
Britiany Daugherty, M.A. Associate Registrar, Veteran Affairs School Certifying Officer 402-399-2441
Donna Dawson Administrative Assistant for Nursing 402-399-2368
Dining Services 402-399-2649
Kylee Duncan Student Financial Counselor 402-399-2364
Stephanie Edson, MS, RDN Nursing Lab Manager & Clinical Liaison 402-399-2404
Jennifer Eldridge Assistant Professor of Education/Special Education 402-399-2630
Leeanna Ellis PR strategist and Content Writer 402-399-2349
Margaret Emons , M.L.S Library Director 402-399-2467
Enrollment 402-399-2355
Express Center 402-399-2429
Kim Favara Creative Designer/Project Manager 402-399-6200
Melanie Felton, Ph.D. Director, Early Childhood Education; Associate Professor of Education 402-399-2625
Derek Fey, M.A. Head Cross Country Coach 402-399-6203
David Filipi, M.D. Medical Director, PA Program; Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Financial Aid 402-399-2362
TiLyn Foresman Custodial Supervisor 402-399-6255
Rebecca Frans, O.T.D. Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2683
Jaime Garafalo-Peterson Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Coordinator 402-399-2605
Eder Garavito, DPT Assistant Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1991
Kyra Gause, B.A. Program Clinical Coordinator Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-399-2640
Christi Glesmann, Ed.D, MSN Director, Undergraduate Nursing; Professor of Nursing 402-399-2642
Melissa Griffin Graduate Health Professions Recruiter 402-399-2485
Kirsten Grove Administrative Assistant, Physician Assistant Program 402-399-2477
Jennifer Grove, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology 402-399-2394
Michael Grube Systems Operations Lead (S.O.L.) 402-399-2392
Mark Gudgel, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education, Doctor of Education Program 402-399-2651
Sarah Hamik Student Advisor & Education Specialist 402-399-2676
Celeste Harvey, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy 402-399-2317
Sr. Judith Healy, M.L.S. Interlibrary Loan & Reference Librarian 402-399-2631
Phyllis Higley, Ph.D. Director, Biology Program; Professor of Biology 402-399-2659
Jessica Hochstein Chief Human Resources Officer 402-399-2664
Kayla Hoge, OTD Instructor of OT 402-399-6204
Maureen Hoppe, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-6284
Rebecca Hoss, Ph.D. Director, Psychology, Human Services, & Sociology Program; Professor of Psychology 402-399-2670
Linda Hoven, DNP, APRN, NP-C, LCCE, CLC Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-399-2461
Gianna Howard, O.T.D. Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2689
Pam Humphrey, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Arts, Sciences, & Professional Studies 402-399-2696
Information Center 402-399-2400
Institutional Technology 402-399-5300
Jordan Irsik Head Soccer Coach 402-399-2382
Mia Jackson, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2348
Andrea Jensen Head Reserve & Assistant Volleyball Coach 402-399-2627
Jerrid Johansen Head Track and Field Coach 402-399-2599
Jeff Johnson Director of Athletics 402-399-2607
Michael Johnson Head Tennis Coach 402-399-2466
Corrinne Johnson Head Bowling Coach 402-399-2360
Emily Kahm, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Theology 402-399-2513
Clare Kennedy, PA-C Assistant Professor, Director of Physician Assistant Studies Program 402-399-2609
Danielle Kessler, B.S. Library Cataloger/Acquisitions/Archives 402-399-2464
Jeff Keyte, M.D. Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies 402-399-2645
Julie Klein Student Accounts Coordinator 402-399-2426
Sarah Klocke, M.F.A. Director, Theatre and Communications Programs; Associate Professor of Theatre & Communications 402-399-2619
Janet Kneiss, DPT, Phd Assistant Professor of DPT 402-399-2702
Robyn Kniffen Executive Assistant to the President 402-399-2470
Brittany Koellner Admissions Counselor 402-399-2327
Heather Kohout, DHSc,PA-C Assistant Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-339-1992
Shela Kowalski Enrollment Systems Specialist 402-399-2406
Christopher Krampe, D.M.A. Director, Fine Arts Program; Associate Professor of Music 402-399-2622
Jennifer Kuchta, EdD, MSN, MBA, RN Program Director, Practical Nursing 402-399-2636
Diane Landon, M.A. Program Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program 402-399-2304
Mykenzie Leehy Head Swim Coach/ Aquatics Director 402-399-2379
Library 402-399-2471
Lied Fitness Center 402-399-2451
Susan Liston, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2369
Brittney Long Associate VP for Marketing and University Communications 402-399-2454
Mary Lopez, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2432
David Lorello Adjunct DPT Faculty
Elizabeth Ludvik Office of Spirituality, Service and Social Justice 402-399-2648
Shamra Lundeen, MSN, RN PNC, Instructor of Nursing 402-399-1998
Modem Madonna BAS Modem 402-399-2822
Molly Mahoney, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology 402-399-2629
Maintenance 402-399-2600
Mary Maraist Director of Enrollment Operations 402-399-2365
Marketing and University Communications 402-399-2472
Candace Matheis Technology Support Administrator 402-399-2682
Marisa Mathews Director of Student Leadership & Inclusive Programming 402-399-2380
Kristin Mattson, Ph.D. Director, History and Political Sciences Program; Director, Service Learning; Professor of Political Science 402-399-2656
Shannon McMahon, Ph.D. Director, English Program; Associate Professor of English 402-399-2633
Susan Medina Major Gift Officer 402-399-2458
Anne Mejia-Downs, PT,MPH,PhD Associate Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1993
Beth Merkel, Ph.D. Director, Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Program; Instructor of Business 402-399-2420
Sue Miller, J.D. Assistant Professor Program Director, Legal Studies 402-399-2418
Vicky Morgan Associate Dean Faculty Development/Director, Teaching and Learning Center 402-399-2675
Kelly Murphy, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 402-399-2616
Ganesh Naik, Ph.D. Director, Chemistry Program; Professor of Chemistry 402-399-2663
Carolyn Nelson, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-6229
Lisa A. Nelson, Ph.D. Director, Teacher of Education Program, Assistant Professor of Education 402-399-2606
Nate Neufind, MBA VP of Operations, COO 402-399-2658
Sara Nordquist-Davis Director of Financial Aid Counseling & Processing 402-399-2416
Adebimpe Obembe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2700
Miriam Olague-Steele Alumnae & Donor Relations Specialist 402-399-2687
Vasfi Ozen, Ph.D. Visiting Lecturer of Philosophy 402-399-2400
Brianna Parkhill, O.T.D. Instructor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2413
Veronica (Katty) Petak, M.A. Senior Director Alumnae Relations 402-399-2411
Kelly Petry Director of Student Accounts 402-399-2361
Madilyn Phelps Admissions Counselor 402-399-2491
Kristan Pilakowski, O.T.D. Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2653
Kristi Preisman, Ed.D. Director, Doctor of Education Program; Professor of Education 402-399-2602
President's Office 402-399-2435
Shari Prior, Ph.D. Director, Philosophy Program; Professor of Philosophy 402-399-2476
Rick Pruett Associate Director of Athletics; Head Volleyball Coach 402-399-6271
Jesus D. Ramirez M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Spanish, Program Director, Spanish & Interpreting 402-399-2318
Megan Ray, Ed.D, MSN Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-399-2370
Jennifer Reed-Bouley, Ph.D. Director, Theology Program; Professor of Theology 402-399-2632
Bridgette Renbarger VP of Financial Services, CFO 402-399-2646
Crystalyn Richard, Dr. Adjunct DPT Faculty
Shannon Richardson, DPT, OCS, CSCS Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1996
Haley Rockwell Web Administrator & Strategist 402-399-2308
Keri Rodriguez Information Center Coordinator 402-399-2463
Keri Rodriguez, B.S. Head Golf Coach 402-399-2351
Amanda Roe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology 402-399-2692
Daniela Rojas Assistant Dean of Students 402-399-2603
Jennifer Rose-Woodward, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education, MAT Program 402-399-2495
Monica Ross, PT,DPT Assistant Professor of Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1995
Chad Rotolo, BSEE Director of Enterprise Applications 402-399-2402
Whitney Rubin, O.T.D. Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2437
Tara Ruppert, O.T.D. Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy & Interim Program Director 402-399-2314
Safety and Security 402-670-8848
Yasser Salem, Dr. Adjunct DPT Faculty
Mark Sand, Ph.D. Director, Mathematics and Physics Program; Professor of Mathematics 402-399-2695
Alexander Scharmann, DPT Asssistant Professor of Physical Therapy 402-399-2456
Mary Schlueter, B.S. Director of Student Learning Support Services 402-399-2634
Kyle Semprini CRM/SalesForce Administrator 402-399-2407
Abril Serrato Admissions Counselor 402-399-2444
Narcissus Shambare, Ph.D. Director, Business Program; Associate Professor of Business 402-399-2672
Rita Shelley Writing Tutor 402-399-2490
Andrew Shim, Ed.D. Director, Kinesiology and Exercise Science Program; Professor of Kinesiology and Exercise Science 402-399-2660
Kevin Sholl Chief Institutional Technology Officer 402-399-2487
Beth Sisk, M.A. Chief Student Financial Aid Officer & Express Center Director 402-399-2415
Mary Smith, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy 402-399-2661
Cody Smith, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2496
Charles Smith, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Exercise Science 402-399-2398
Nipaporn Somyoo, PT, DPT Assistant Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1990
Dan Spargen, E.3. Director of Engineering/Facilities 402-399-2601
Jeff Spencer, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art 402-399-2621
Sr. Maryanne Stevens, Ph.D. President 402-399-2435
Heather Stigge, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology 402-399-2452
Amber Stoltenberg, Ed.D, MSN, RN Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-399-2409
Jennifer Stolz Director of Creative Strategy 402-399-2472
Student Support Services 402-399-2490
Sydney Swetala Creative Designer and Project Manager 402-399-2346
Marc Tangeman, M.S., NSCA-CSCS Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 402-399-2329
Morgan Thedinga Human Resources Generalist 402-399-2430
Veronica Thompson, BSN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-6250
Christina (Tina) Tingwald, M.S., R.S. ADA Coordinator & Reading Specialist 402-399-2446
Sara Titus Director of Planned Giving/Major Gifts 402-399-2331
Tracey Toney, Ed.D, MSN Assistant Professor of Nursing and Lead Lab Coordinator 402-399-2363
Barbara Treadway, Ph.D. Assistant Dean of Student Support Services/Student Parent Success 402-399-2474
Lisa VanHoose Associate Professor 402-399-2310
Kimberly Varnado, DPT DHSc Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 402-399-2305
Kaitlyn Vogt, MSN, RN Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2604
Jonathon Vos, MAS, LAT, ATC Head Athletic Trainer 402-399-2447
Kirk Walker Head Basketball Coach 402-399-2352
Steve Westenbroek Campus Store Director 402-399-2465
Loretta Wewel Certification Officer 402-399-2666
Mark White, Ph.D. Director of Instructional Design & Technology 402-399-2617
Rita Wiley Financial Services Support Specialist 402-399-2422
Hannah Wilkes Reference and Instruction 402-399-2468
Lynda Williams Accounts Payable Coordinator 402-399-2428
Jenna S. Woster, PhD Associate Professor of Nursing 402-384-5299
Diane Wrisley, MS PhD Professor of Doctor of Physical Therapy 402-390-1994
Marsha Yembi, MSN, RN-BC Instructor of Nursing 402-399-2643
Kathleen Zajic, Ed.D, MSN Professor of Nursing 402-399-2638